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We provide a variety of counseling programs, designed to facilitate the growth and development of the individual in a supporting and nurturing atmosphere.

You can review the services that our therapist offers, by clicking on their individual page.

Group and Individual Interventions are conducted in conjunction with family, friends, teachers, school counselors, other professionals, medical personnel and community networking services in Kearney and the surrounding area.

Programs are offered at various times to accommodate work, school and family schedules.

Wounded Heart Biblical Healing Therapy
Philosophy:  By focusing on the heart of a hurting individual, freedom from bondage and life's problems can be gained through divine intervention with Jesus Christ.  In Luke 4:14 Jesus taught that those who were suffering from spiritual and emotional pain, could be helped by dealing with the type of sin that was leading to their bondage.  Christ also taught that every believer can experience peace from brokenness and emotional issues through prayer and divine interventions with the Holy Spirit.

As Godly facilitators in this Christian counseling process, we work with the Holy Spirit to resolve every area of bondage in a persons life by applying Biblical principles, prayer and direct intimacy to God.  Ultimately all past sin and generational strongholds are left at the throne of God so that clients can experience freedom from emotional and spiritual pain through Jesus Christ.

Examples of areas that can be dealt with through this process include:
Abuse                                    Divorce
Addiction                                Family Conflict
Adultery                                 Marital Conflict
Alcoholism                              Financial Loss
Anxiety                                  Grief
Conflict                                  Immorality
Deceit                                    Neglect
Deception                               Pride
Depression                              Self Hatred/harm
Sexual Sin                               Unforgiveness
The Occult